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Katherine Spencer LeeIndispensable Tips
by Katherine Spencer Lee
Best practices make perfect for both employers and employees. Katherine Spencer Lee of RHIConsulting offers some advice for perfecting the success recipe.

For Employers For Job Seekers
How to Find Top Candidates
Strategies to ensure only the cream of the crop make the team
  • Evaluation Resumes
  • Phone Screening
  • Interview Strategies
  • Checking References
Motivating Your IT Staff
Prevent Internet time from burning out staff in record time
  • Develop Your Listening Skills
  • Offer Praise and Recognition
  • Provide Technical Training
Keeping Your Best People
Make provisions to ensure retention of top talent.
  • Focus on Training
  • Let your people know they matter
  • Provide Perks that Make a Difference
  • Take Preventative Measures
Managing Your Manager
Develop a good relationship with your boss and become a better employee
  • The Boss as Client
  • Begin the relationship on the right foot
  • Have regular meetings
  • Try to understand your boss
  • Communicate effectively
  • Tell your boss what you need
  • Dealing with difficult bosses
Network Your Way to Career Success
Learn to network your way into your dream job
  • Getting Started: The Right Attitude
  • Make Contacts By Making An Off-Hours Impact
  • First-Rate Follow-Through
Tips for a Successful Job Interview
The following tips can help set the stage for a successful interview:
  • Arrive on time
  • Maintain professionalism
  • Be prepared
  • Exude confidence

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