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Get Certified & Get Ahead

Get Certified & Get Ahead

By Anne Martinez

Chapter 7: Certification Mistakes You Don't Have To Make

The time, money, and effort you put into achieving certification will depend upon the certification you choose and how much it's a natural extension of your current skill level. It's a calculated financial and psychological investment in your future, one that you can expect to provide dividends for years to come. Like any investor, you need to choose your investment options wisely and learn from the mistakes of others. As the saying goes: "If you can't afford to do it over, you'd better do it right the first time." And even if you could afford to do it over, who wants to?

Fortunately, computer professionals who have been embracing certification since its earliest beginnings have blazed a path for you. By understanding where earlier certification candidates went astray, you can avoid making the same mistakes. What follows is an exploration of the most common certification errors and suggestions on how to steer clear of them.

Although a small misjudgment here or there isn't going to cancel out all of your hard work, you might as well benefit from other people's hindsight. After all, that's one type of vision that's always 20/20.

Choosing The Wrong Certification

Choosing the wrong program is one of the more common mistakes people make when pursuing certification. What makes a certain certification a bad choice? Either it's chosen for the wrong reasons or it's lacking in some way that easily could have been detected (but hasn't been) with a little research. This type of mistake is easier to make than you might suspect. Here's why it happens:

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