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Deb Agarwal
Deb Agarwal

Deb Agarwal is a computer scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, where she works with the Distributed Collaboratories Project. The goal of the project is to research, develop and deploy the technologies needed to advance distributed collaboratory environments which allow researchers to collaborate on scientific experiments by providing remote access to experimental facilities.

Agarwal holds her Ph.D. in electrical and computer engineering from UC Berkeley. She wrote her thesis on reliable multicasting and later worked with this groundbreaking technology at the Department of Energy.

Since coming to the Lawrence Berkeley Lab, Agarwal has worked on the Advanced Visualization Communication Toolkit and the Collaboratory Interoperability Framework; she has also worked for the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization. Her work on these projects has had the goal of providing advanced communication capabilities, including reliable multicast, to specific application domains. Her newest project, the Advanced Visualization Communication Toolkit, will allow visualization applications to have direct access to network status information and to directly control communication protocol and network behavior.



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