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Marian Cauwet

Marian Cauwet has over 20 years of experience managing leading edge technologies and high-growth businesses, including the role of Vice President of Engineering for Palm Computing, Inc. Presently, she works with early stage companies in advisory or consultative capacities, providing product development management, intellectual property, and business planning services.

Her current roles include Director for Inferscape, who is developing advanced personalization solutions for E-commerce; Advisor to Gazoo, a business-to-business e-commerce start-up; Advisor to LogiGear, a full service software quality engineering firm that provides testing expertise and resources to software development organizations; and Intellectual Property Consultant to iScribe, Inc., who is eliminating inefficiencies in the healthcare system through the development of a pocket-sized, wireless systems that automate the process of prescribing drugs, capturing charges and ordering laboratory tests.

As Vice President of Engineering for Palm Computing, Inc. she managed and directed all hardware and software design, development, testing, and release for the Palm product family, from PalmPilots through the Palm VII, their peripherals, system and applications software, and developer tools. As a member of Palm’s executive team, Cauwet helped grow the business from $1M in annual revenues to over $500M in less than three years.

Before Palm, Cauwet held positions as Director on the Board of Sharedata, Inc., the market leader in equity compensation software, until its sale to E*Trade; Director of Engineering at Sun Microsystems, Inc., where she managed work on software that became Java; Directors of Information Systems, Operations and Software at 3Com; and Software Development Manager at Apple Computer where she managed and developed software for the Lisa Personal Office System.

Cauwet holds Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science degrees in Computer Science from the University of California at Los Angeles.


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