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Education Rose Grymes

Rose Grymes

Rose Grymes is assistant director of the NASA Astrobiology Institute (NAI) in the Office of the Director. She is responsible for assisting the director in planning, advocating, implementing, controlling, reviewing, and reporting NAI science and technical objectives and milestones.

Grymes joined the NASA Ames research center in 1991 as a cell biologist with the life sciences division and has served for the past five years as the agency's life sciences outreach program manager.

Grymes received her doctorate in cancer biology/medical microbiology in 1983 from Stanford University. In her previous work as outreach manager for NASA's Astrobiology Institute, she was involved in among many other duties, developing and implementing education, public, and professional society outreach activities, working with people within NASA, with other agencies, with academic institutions and non-profits, and with the private sector. Grymes says the most exciting aspect of her job at NASA is being involved in making the future of humans in space a reality.


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