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Online Tech Resources

Institute for Women and Technology
Spearheads initiatives and programs to that bridge the gap between technology and women professionals, students, girls, and those in underserved communities.

An online mentoring network for women in science and technology

The Systers Community
An email community devoted only to women in computing.

Women's Work
A resource center for women's groups and activists involved in collaborative projects.

Women in Technology International
A member-based association with regional branches and conferences around the United States.

Advocates for Women in Science, Engineering and Mathematics
Provides mentorship programs and workshops to encourage and support women and girls with science, engineering, and mathematics

Institute for Women In Trades, Technology & Science
An online resource to encourage and integrate women in technology and law enforcement careers

A community dedicated to women involved in the Internet and new media technology, offering profiles, reference material, message boards, and online shopping.

Women of NASA
Meet, Interact, and Read biographies of inspiring women who have math, science, and technology careers at NASA.

San Francisco Women on the Web (SFWOW)
A member-based non-profit organization with a very active list group that seeks to empower women in technology and new media in San Francisco.

Women in Trades and Technology National Network
A non-profit organization that promotes education, recruitment and training of women in trades, technology, and operations.
An online community for women technicians in various industries to connect with one another

Resources and Outreach Programs for Girls and Technology:

Girl Tech
A great online community for girls to interact and to get tons of resources on technology and invention, as well as learn more about inspiring women role models in the field.

Tap Junior
An online resource providing links and articles focused on girls interested in science, math and technology

Center for Children and Technology
Researches, designs and develops curriculum that integrates technology with education and after school programs.

Women and Girls Tech Up
An online zine for women and girls to participate in discussions about mentoring, networking, technology recruitment, and media images.


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