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Managing your Exit Strategy: Layoffs in this labor market are like musical chairs. You want to be one of those sitting down when the music stops. - it's important to know how to manage the process of separation to your greatest advantage.

Life and Success Strategies
Natalie Forstbauer knows that women can wear many different hats. How do you make sense of it and take control? She has the answers. Read more>
Higher-ability — Giving a great job interview is your first step toward getting hired. Follow these tips from RHIConsulting.
Career Geek Reads
Turn It Off — How to Unplug from the Anytime-Anywhere Office Without Disconnecting Your Career
Top Ten: Things every business should provide for every worker, even the boss.
Get to work: and get help doing it. From career planning to single parenting, get tools to succeed.
IT Survey
What makes you work? Find out what other IT professionals want in the workplace.
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Top Job Market Stories — The latest from all sectors
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  Olivia Ongpin, Co-Founder and CEO of, fabric8, talks about having a vision and sticking to it.

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