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Life and Success Strategies for Women

By Natalie Forstbauer

As a woman, you may be expected to wear many hats. You know these hats. They come in multi colors and show themselves at their convenience. The busyness of a woman’s life reminds me of thirty-kindergarten students finger painting on one large canvass. How do you make sense of it and take control? How do you keep the colors from smearing and the hats from being tattered?

Women are mothers, career women, cooks, housekeepers, gardeners, wives, girlfriends, confidents, “taxi drivers”, teachers, mentors, lovers, and the list goes on. Where do women get the energy and time to fulfill all their commitments in a pleasant and personally gratifying manner, or do they?

As a woman, I find there are certain strategies that keep me on top of my commitments and personally rejuvenated at the end of the day. It is true that when we feel good about ourselves personally we are able to excel more naturally professionally with focus, poise and great results.

Success Strategies To Be A Woman On Top

  1. Take time to rejuvenate yourself. Make time for you. Even if it is 5 minutes in a day where you just stop and breathe you will feel more relaxed and focused.
  2. Prioritize. At the beginning of each week look at what your priorities are. Take care of these items first and your week will go smoothly.
  3. Make values based decisions. Know what you value in life. When you have a decision to make check in with what is important to you and make your decision accordingly. This is invaluable when you have tough choices to make. Values based decisions will make it easier on you and you will feel good about them long term.
  4. Create a support team. Surround yourself with people who believe in you, what you do and who you are.
  5. Eat well. Be easy on yourself and treat your body like a temple. Fuel your body with premium foods – living foods. Great choices are fresh fruits and vegetables.
  6. Go for the chocolate! When you inhale the chocolate or your vice of choice every once in a while enjoy it immensely! Be ok with it.
  7. Be your number one fan. Stop and acknowledge yourself for everything you do and accomplish. Especially recognize the little things you do for others. Those little things make a big difference in people’s lives.
  8. Make FUN. What’s that?! Anything that makes you all warm inside, makes you laugh, smile, cry in a good way, and gets your heart pounding. Be creative, invite a girlfriend to join you, or do something crazy on your own. A fun activity can be one that simply makes you smile. You may even want to take up finger painting!

Be creative with the hats you wear. Share the fun and magic in them with those around you. Mix and match your hats in a way that is fun and inviting. Toss out the ones that no longer serve you, tidy up the ones that are important to you and wear the many hats you choose in your life with confidence, and poise. Bring the beauty of you into the hats you show off and remember to take care of the person wearing them.

Natalie J Forstbauer, aka Dr. Feel Good is an Author, Professional Speaker, Coach and Consultant. She specializes in health and work-life balance. You are invited to sign up for Natalie's Free E-Zine on Health-E Tips and Workplace Wellness.

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